Preparing for the future of electric vehicles ecosystem through advanced manufacturing and innovative technologies

3rd Annual Electric Vehicle Innovations India Summit 2023

One of the pillars of economic development for any country, the transportation network is critical to the national infrastructure. However, it has frequently been a source of greenhouse gas emissions and a major cause of concern for governments as they try to reduce their carbon footprint to address environmental issues and decrease their dependence on oil as a source of fuel.

With the government cutting down on fuel subsidies and looking at achieving an oil-free economy, the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise. The increasing demand for these vehicles, coupled with citizens adopting a healthy lifestyle and growing environmental concerns, will likely boost the EV market.

India's EV ambition could create a market worth Rs 14.42 lakh crore by 2030, states a study by the CEEW Centre for Energy Finance (CEEW-CEF) The government's primary think tank NITI Aayog has underlined aspirations that 70 percent of all commercial cars, 30 percent of private cars, 40 percent of buses, and 80 percent of two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales would be electric by the year 2030. However, some major challenges still stand in the way of mass adoption of EV by the end user.

The success to India's EV success story can be achieved by bring together the country's leading experts to help you understand the technologies and trends that are helping to overcome these challenges and propel EVs into the mainstream. 3rd Annual Electric Vehicle Innovations India Summit 2023 is an initiative to get all the stakeholders on a platform to ponder upon the critical discussions on technological and market related challenges and build a common vision towards achieving carbon neutrality.


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  • Future of EV in India - How R&D innovation and technological advancements are driving electrification?
  • Key innovation to drive mass EV adoption - How can companies lead in terms of R&D innovation?
  • Understanding the factors influencing consumer attitude and perception towards EV adoption
  • Outlook for EV in India and nuances of the EV battery market
  • Battery swapping - An alternative feasible solution for EV charging
  • Electric Vehicle supply chain - Discussing the need for innovation to strengthen EV ecosystem


  • Learn from industry leader on how to achieve sustainable EV adoption in India
  • Get to know about electric vehicles economic outlook and industry forecasts
  • Learn about the latest in tech in the market and under development
  • Understand what strategies to be used for faster EV adoption
  • New manufacturing processes and technical know-how to achieve economies of scale


  • Founders/ CEO's/ Chairman/ MD
  • COO & CTO
  • Directors/Heads/ Project Managers (New product development)
  • Vice Presidents / Heads (Marketing & Business development)
  • Design (Heads/Managers/Engineers)
  • Specialists/ Technical leader (Electric Vehicles)
  • Connected Car (Heads/Managers/Engineers)
  • Sustainable Transport (Heads/Managers/Engineers)